Sodium Methoxide

Data:2021-04-30 16:02

Product Name:  Sodium Methoxide                                                                        CAS No.:124-41-4124-41-4.png

Chemical Formula: CH3ONa                                                                                 Molecular Weight:54.02

EINECS No.: 204-699-5


Product use

Sodium methoxide is widely used in the production of sulfonamides  , Sodium methoxide is also a catalyst for organic synthesis, which is used in pesticide production and oil processing industry.

There are two forms of sodium methoxide products in the supply industry: solid and liquid. The solid is pure sodium methoxide, the liquid is methanol solution of sodium methoxide, and the content of sodium methoxide is high   27.5~31%  。 It is used as basic condensing agent and catalyst in organic synthesis, as raw material of vitamin B1, a and sulfadiazine.

As raw materials of medicine and pesticide, it is an important raw material for the synthesis of sulfaimidine, sulfamethoxazole, sulfanilamide synergist and so on;

It is also used as a catalyst for the treatment of edible fat and edible oil (especially lard) to change the fat structure and make it suitable for margarine, etc., which must be removed in the final food. It is mainly used as condensation agent, strong basic catalyst and methoxylation agent, for the preparation of vitamin B1 and a, sulfadiazine and other drugs, and a small amount for pesticide production.

It is also used as analytical reagent and widely used in perfume, dye and other industries.