Cyano Acetic Acid

Data:2021-04-26 09:29

Product Name:  Cyano Acetic Acid                                                                           CAS No.:372-09-8 372-09-8.png

Chemical Formula:  C3H3NO2                                                                                 Molecular Weight:85.06

Melting Point:  65~67 °C                                                                                           Boiling Point.:108°C

EINECS No.: 206-743-9


Product use

It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as preparing vitamin B6, carboquine, medical adhesive, etc., and also to synthesize the pesticide cymoxane; Organic synthesis intermediates, mainly used in the synthesis of cyanoacetates, also used in the production α Methyl cyanoacrylate and n-butyl ester (medical adhesive), barbital, etc.

Storage Condition

This product is inflammable and toxic. It should be sealed in aluminum or plastic drums, 200kg per barrel. Keep away from fire source during storage and transportation, prevent from sun and fire. Store and transport according to the regulations of inflammable and toxic dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Transport No.:UN 3261 8/PG 2