Employee Protection

As a listed company engaged in chemical business, we have always put the work safety of our employees in the first place. Tiande chemical established the "group safety, health and environmental protection committee" to further coordinate and improve the working environment, ensure that employees work in a healthy and safe environment, review and optimize operation and production procedures, and further improve their safety standards. The group has always implemented the policy of "safety first and prevention first", formulated a comprehensive safety production system, and regularly organized employees to carry out safety publicity and education and safety technology training every year; Provide various labor protection articles for special posts and check their wearing conditions; The Group strives to improve the working environment of employees, optimize work processes and avoid contact between chemical materials and human bodies; Check the health status of all employees every year, and set up accident emergency devices such as spraying and flushing in the production line; Start with details and completely eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents.

Under the guidance of the general policy of "people-oriented, safety first, scientific management and quality first", the leading team of Binhai Petrochemical has always organically combined the development of the enterprise with the development of employees, and has the courage to bear certain social responsibilities. The company attaches great importance to the introduction, selection and training of technical professionals. It has a good management mechanism and perfect employee training mechanism. Shareholders and employees work together to promote the progress of the enterprise and the rapid development of business, and share the achievements brought by the development of the enterprise.

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Employee Protection
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