Environmental Protection

For a long time, Tiande chemical always follows the green development, pays attention to safety and environmental protection, and is an active advocate and practitioner of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy. Since the establishment of the plant, the company has strictly complied with various laws and regulations, effectively followed the correct concept of business ethics, and always adhered to and pursued the safety concept of safe construction, safe production and safe operation.

In order to protect our environment, all wastewater, waste gas and solid waste produced in the production process shall be treated and discharged after reaching the standard; At the same time, strictly control the emission of noise and greenhouse gases, and strive to minimize the impact on the environment while meeting the national standards and ISO14001 environmental management system. At the same time, the group established an environmental management group to supervise environmental protection matters at all levels of the group. The group implements clear job responsibilities and perfect environmental performance audit plan, so as to improve the group's performance in environmental protection from time to time. Based on the quality management principle of "plan - Implementation - Inspection - action", the group has been committed to improving environmental management. The group does its best to promote its suppliers and customers to practice environmental protection. The group pursues cleaner production processes, advocates circular economy, maintains sound environmental protection rules and regulations, and actively promotes four environmental protection actions: 1. Reduce waste; 2. Resource reuse; 3. Recycling and 4. Using environmental protection substitutes to fully cover the business activities of the group, and the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction has been achieved.

Tiande chemical always keeps its product quality at the highest standard and adopts advanced technology and production technology. All construction projects of the group strictly adopt the "three Simultaneities" system to ensure that pollution prevention and control facilities are incorporated into project design, construction and production at the same time. The process of environmental protection from product design to finished products is implemented, and cleaner production audit has been prepared and carried out regularly. The Group actively implements waste treatment, recycling and pollutant emission control. Conscientiously respond to the national, provincial and urban areas on effectively carrying out enterprise dual prevention, implement the construction of enterprise dual prevention system by superior safety supervision departments, continue to put safety first, innovate and develop with safety and environmental protection, and strive to walk out of a sustainable development road with the characteristics of the times.

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